What Exactly is Molasses?

Molasses is the perfect sweetener. It comes in different grades for different tastes.

How Molasses is Made

Brer Rabbit molasses is made from quality, unsulfured juice of sun-ripened sugarcane. After the sugarcane is cut and crushed, the juices are extracted and boiled. The type or grade of molasses depends on the length of the boiling process used to create it. The more molasses is boiled, the less sugar content it has and the more robust it becomes.

Three Grades of Molasses

We’ll use Brer Rabbit Molasses to demonstrate the three grades of molasses:

  1. The first product resulting from one boiling process is Brer Rabbit Mild Flavor Molasses. Only a small amount of sugar is removed, so the molasses is mild in flavor, light in color and is the sweetest of the Brer Rabbit Molasses varieties. This grade is perfect for sweetening hot cereals, yogurts or hot drinks, like coffee, tea or cocoa.
  2. The product resulting from the second boiling process is Brer Rabbit Full Flavor Molasses. As more sugar is removed, the flavor becomes more concentrated and has a darker color and richer flavor. This grade is good for gingerbreads, cookies, pies, cakes, and glazes.
  3. The product resulting from a third boiling process is Blackstrap Molasses, which is the most concentrated and has a bold, robust flavor. This variety is great for slow-cooked dishes like baked beans and barbeque sauces. Blackstrap provides calcium and magnesium and contains potassium.

Now you know that molasses is made from sugarcane. Did you also know molasses can be made from beets, grapes, dates, pomegranates, mulberries, and carob?

As you can tell, molasses is both delicious and versatile! Families and bakers have been using molasses for centuries. If you have a favorite molasses recipe (using Brer Rabbit molasses, of course), submit it on our Recipes page and share it with the world.