Create the Perfect Glaze For Any Type of Meal With Molasses

Glaze is a term used in cooking that denotes the use of a sweet and spicy mix of ingredients that gives food a shine and immediate flavor boost. Glazes are often drizzled or brushed on top of foods, or used in the final steps of cooking.

Glazes are prepared from a variety of elements depending on the desired taste and the type of food they will be used with. With a simple tweak to your favorite glaze recipe, you can easily make the perfect glaze for any meal.

Molasses is a wonderful ingredient that is often used in glazes for its sweetness and coloring. Molasses is versatile in taste and can be added to a wide array of foods to enhance the flavor. Let’s take a look at how glazes are used in different types of foods.

Beef pairs well with glazes that are made from dark, rich colors and bold flavors. You can create a savory beef glaze with molasses, Worcestershire sauce, cider vinegar, salt, pepper and a dollop of tomato paste. This combination is perfect as a final touch for short ribs, meatloaf or steak kebobs.

Give your usual chicken dinner a kick with a sweet citrus glaze that the entire family will love. Combine full flavor molasses, orange juice, orange zest, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Soon you’ll have a sweet, delicious glaze that you’ll want to use in every chicken dish you make.

Pork and molasses also go together famously. When creating a molasses glaze for pork, sweet and savory or even spicy additions to your recipe pair well. For a rich, bold flavored glaze, try a maple and molasses mixture that will bring out the flavors of the meat. Create this glaze by using blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, smoked paprika, ground ginger, a dusting of cornstarch and red wine vinegar. The result will be sweet, savory and appetizing.

Have a picky eater who refuses vegetables every night? Try a simple sweet glaze over carrots, roasted vegetables and even beans. Light glazes that incorporate mild molasses, sugar, water, salt and pepper are amazing for vegetables that go uneaten. When your glaze is complete, simply brush over the top or add the vegetables right into the pan for an allover coating.

Don’t be afraid to try new options when preparing your favorite dishes. Combining simple ingredients together to make glazes for your meal will give you the ability to spice up your foods.