Add Color and Sweetness to Your Sauce With One Product

Creating food that makes a statement is not always easy to do. This is especially true when it comes to making a rich dark sauce, such as barbeque, glazes and bourbon sauces. However, one key ingredient can help you immensely.

Molasses heightens the senses and provides you with amazing taste for your sauce. It also can give it a rich, deep color that is mouthwatering. With a versatile product like molasses, you can create sauces for virtually any meal.

Bourbon molasses sauce is a perfect addition for several types of dishes. This sauce is made from water, bourbon, butter, sugar, molasses and spiced with salt. The combination is then heated together until the desired consistency is met. What you’re left with is a sweet and delicious caramel colored sauce that can be used on pork, salmon and even as a pie à la mode topping.

Classic Barbeque sauce always contains at least a hint of molasses Barbeque sauce is also versatile- making your own barbeque sauce allows you to create alternatives to those found in stores. You can create sauces that are sweet or spicy depending on your ingredients. Using molasses in barbeque sauce will give it a sweet kick with a deep and dark coloring. It is especially appetizing on beef and burgers.

Glazes are a bit thinner than traditional sauce and can be used to heighten the flavor in main courses, sides and desserts. Easy glazes for side dishes can be made from a butter and molasses mixture. For bolder tastes, typically found on meat entrées, experiment with adding molasses to your favorite Dijon mustard, hot sauce or even honey.

There is no doubt that using molasses in your meals has its advantages. However, understanding the differences between the type of molasses and their tastes is essential when choosing your recipes.

Full flavor molasses is great for baking and adds a rich, sweet flavor to your treats. Perfect for cakes, cookies and breads, full flavor molasses is not overpowering. This type of molasses is often used in glazes.

Mild flavor molasses is light and sweet and used to add a bit of candied flavor to drinks, cereals and even yogurt. Despite being the lightest molasses, it is the sweetest. It can also help sweeten a sauce that has turned out too bitter.

Blackstrap molasses is most commonly found in slow cooker recipes and dark, bold sauces such as barbeque sauce. Blackstrap molasses, such as Brer Rabbit Blackstrap is also an excellent source of calcium and magnesium.